Lisa Wikander

French poets, silky blouses and tailored wool. Add some Scandinavian simplicity, et voilá: you have Lisa Wikander and her fashion label Mes Dames. In between finishing her new magical collection, Lisa chatted to us about historical muses and perfect cheese sandwiches. Lisa and architect Gustav live with their daughter Martha and the chocolate brown Labrador Charlie in a fairy-tale wooden house from the 1930’s in the outskirts of Stockholm.

Tuesday evening ends:
Normally around 10 pm, after putting Martha to bed, going out with Charlie and relaxing in the sofa with candles and music for a while.

Before turning off the lights:
Gustav and I talk through the day and all our projects.  Did I tell you we’ve been renovating non stop for one and a half year?

I sleep in:
I’m a pajamas addict. I always go to bed in a two piece pajamas or nightgown.

I share the bed with:
Gustav. And Martha when she comes over from her room. Charlie sleeps downstairs.

On my nightstand:
Books that I’m too tired to read when I’m in bed. A glass of water and hand cream.

On my husband’s nightstand:
Books that he’s not too tired to read. And often one of his projects printed out on A3.

I’m a pajamas addict. I always go to bed in a two piece pajamas or nightgown.

– Lisa Wikander

My best tip for a good night’s sleep:
Clean bed linen and pajamas.

Keeps me awake:
Martha when she cannot sleep.

My version of counting sheep:
Listening to meditation music on my phone.  I always fall asleep after 2 minutes. My problem is rather not to fall asleep too fast…

My best midnight snack:
I never wake up hungry in the middle of night, but if we come home late it’s nice to prepare some finger food like cheese and jam before going to bed.

I last dreamt about:
My midwife…

My evening beauty routine:
Almond oil to clean and treat my face. I always brush my hair carefully. I don’t like it messy.

Favorite bedroom feature:
The windows.

Wednesday morning starts:
At 06.30 am with Martha chatting along in her room. She’s as tired as I am in the morning so normally it’s Gustav begging the “pajamas club” (Me and Martha) to wake up.

My alarm sounds like:
Don’t remember… I have a talent to turn it off in my sleep.

The first thing I see:
The fireplace in our bedroom.

My morning mood:
Tired but happy.

Everyday breakfast:
Cheese sandwich and coffee. Yoghurt with oats.

Birthday breakfast:
We always prepare a tray with lots of nice things to spoil the birthday person. Flowers and candles are a must and an extra everything breakfast.

A dreamy weekend morning:
I wake up feeling fresh and alert. Then eat a slow breakfast with sunshine on the table. And continuing with a long walk with Charlie in the forest. No renovation at all.

Morning beauty routine:
Same as evening beauty routine.

My do’s and don’ts when making the bed:
I try to air the duvets and pillows as often as I can. I feel uncomfortable when the bed linen doesn’t match. I need to have matching set and preferable Gustav has the same!

Also … we just have to ask, who is your all time favorite ’madame'(Mes Dames is plural for Madame)?
My favorite muse for Mes Dames was French photographer, painter, and poet Dora Maar, (she was also the muse of Picasso) That’s still my favorite collection. To pick just one is impossible, that’s the idea of my concept and my inspiration to explore and let lots of ladies take place and guide me to create a magic collection.

Text by Josephine Blix

Photo by Mikael Lundblad

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