Frida Lund’s party school 

(W)in(e)fluencer, ELLE-blogger, podcaster, and cookbook author Frida Lund turns 40 and celebrated with a bang at the academic rowing association in Stockholm. Long tables with striped tablecloths that just go on and on was her vision. And our demand! What doesn’t fit better than Midnatts’s iconic stripes? Here, our tablecloth, Irene, really does the trick! (Even as a quick fix-up for the loveseat on the terrace.) We know many of you have upcoming celebrations this season.

So we asked Frida to answer some dos and don’ts when throwing a big party. Read, learn, dance!

Table setting

I love to put lots of things on the tables so they look well-filled and inviting. Putting bread and baguettes directly on the table is nice, so people feel relaxed and don’t have to sit too straight.


Buy more than you think you’ll need. You can always return it, but you don’t want to be dry in the middle of the party. For those who drink non-alcoholic beverages, you should also have something more enjoyable than sparkling water.


Choose food that fills you up. Nothing fancy; at such a big party, you hardly remember the food afterward. You want to fill your bellies with good things, but making it super fancy is unnecessary.


Go all in on the fun! Fill the room with lots of stuff, balloons, decorations, and disposable cameras. Be generous!

Conversation starters/activities

Pick a toastmaster you know you can rely on, someone who is fun but also organized. Have a quiz. Put a presentation of all the guests on the table for the persons sitting next to each other to read so they have something interesting to say. For example, now you can ask Olle ”why he sat in prison for a day on Cape Verde.”

Dance floor

Find a DJ who gets your vibe! Dance-friendly music, but curated for you.

After hours

Don’t forget ”Vickning” (a late night party meal). I ordered lots of burgers for people to munch on when it got late. But make sure not to make it early, if the dinner was a long show.

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