Spiritual guide to better sleep – Part I

Bedroom cleanse

To start 2020 (and the new decade!) in the softest, possible way, we’ve created a series focusing on slowing down, recharging our mental batteries and get sweeter sleep. We turned to yin yoga instructor, Reiki healer and our in-house-medium Rosanna Irgensdotter to guide us through everything from restorative positions to empowering moon circles. First up, we soft start with Rosanna’s thoughts on how to create sacred bedrooms.

It turns out, the power of setting subconscious cues throughout the bedroom is meaningful. As a complement to dazzling bedlinen, you might need to add (or remove!) something to get a peaceful bedroom and a restful sleep. As always when we seek answers in the intangible spectrum, we turned to Rosanna Irgensdotter to get spiritual guidance on how to make our bedrooms as harmonious as possible.

Powerful crystals

”To surround yourself with crystals is also something beneficial and powerful for those who want to sleep better. The slightly mysterious and purple amethyst has healing powers and you can put it under the bed if it is airy there, or next to it on the bedside table. The amethyst helps with anxiety and is a very good stone for a good night’s sleep.

I have always had a special relationship with smoke quartz, I’ve always felt drawn to it. Maybe because it is very grounding and that’s a condition we want when we rest. So I would also recommend smoke quartz in bedrooms for its grounding qualities. Another stone I like is the lovely pink rose quartz since it’s a stone of the heart, a crystal of love.”

Phone-free zone

”Remove the cellphone from the bedroom. I have invested in a wonderful alarm clock that wakes me up with bird chirps or Tibetan bowl songs. It also has a soft ”sunrise” to wake up, in tune with the tones.”

Set your mind

”My ritual for sleeping well is that I always pray to my healing team/angels before I fall asleep. I’ve learned to pray for what I want, to verbalize my wishes and that is something everyone can do. For me sleep is important, and since I have toddlers I make sure to ask for a good night’s sleep.”

Cleanse energies

”We are all more or less sensitive to energy – energies can be light or heavy. For example, many of us can relate to the undefinable feeling after a difficult conversation topic, we simply want to ”shake off” the energy to return to a lighter mood.

”Sage is a wonderful way to clean energy in the bedroom, especially around the bed and in the corners where heavier vibes are easily stuck.”

Denser vibes can also get stuck in spaces and white dried sage is an herb that purifies heavy energy in our home, surroundings or our own or other persons’ energy fields. Sage is a wonderful way to clean energy in the bedroom, especially around the bed and in the corners where heavier vibes are easily stuck.

Everyone uses sage in different ways. Some people light a fire on the whole bundle, blow out the fire and use an object, such as a feather, to blow out the smoke in all the nooks and crannies.

I am sensitive to strong scents and therefore only break a small piece of sage that I use and take a new one if needed. I light it against a candle, gently blow away the fire so that only the white soft smoke remains and can circle up. Then I use it intuitively over what needs cleaning. When you walk around your home with smoking sage you create a presence and perform a ritual that increases the energy and your contact with your space.”

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Words by Antonia af Petersens

Images by Josephine Blix

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