On set with Rubra & London

”I hear a lot of talk about the bedroom as a detox room where nothing besides the bed and the family should be. A place where the cell phone is wholly forbidden – it sounds nice, doesn’t it?!”

As you probably know by now, we’ve welcomed two new colors to the Midnatt family this season. We asked the brilliant stylist duo Ida Lauga and Lo Bjurulf to stage their interpretation of our color drop London and Rubra. We had a chat about dreamy bedrooms, moon phases and got some pro-tips for making the bed.

Hi Ida and Lo. First of all – team London or team Rubra?
Lo: I love Rubra. I think it’s beautiful to match with other colors.
Ida: I cheer for the two! They are both so lovely and appeal to different moods.

Your best tip for making the bed look perfectly fluffy in photos?
Ida: Use three double duvets. Another tip is letting your kids jump on the bed. They are having a great time, and the result looks naturally messy and perfect!
Lo: Personally, I like more stripped-down beds – for example, when the flat sheet is visible. So I have to say – use no duvet at all!

You have illustrated the phases of the moon in one of the pictures. We think our sleep is affected by the moon – is it the same for you?
Ida: Definitely! I don’t sleep a wink during the full moon.
Lo: I’m affected by every moon phase. I’m especially in love with the new moon which gives me energy and power!

You have recently started to do work together as a duo – how come?
Lo: Ida started as an assistant to me, but we only did one job together before we decided to become colleagues instead. I fell in love! She carries such a nice combination of insight and openness both as a person and as a creator.
Ida: We complement each other’s differences but at the same time agree about almost everything. I absorb all the expertise and experience that Lo has! Such a privilege to work together.

How do you make your own beds at home?
Ida: Hotel- perfect every day! I want to go to sleep in stretched and crispy sheets every night.
Lo: I also make the bed every morning, but am not as militant as Ida seems to be!

Besides the bedding itself, what is most important when you decorate the bedroom?
Ida: Coziness! I just want them to be comfy and as free from mess and chaos as possible.
Lo: The bed’s position. I think the view from the pillow is essential. I want to see as little stuff as possible and preferably sleeping near a window so that I can see the sky.

The dreamiest bedroom you’ve ever slept in?
Lo: Oh, I never think I have loved a bedroom more than the one I sleep in now – where I can see the sun all day long and the moon all night! I also tend to sleep very well in other people’s beds…. You know those soft, comfortable ones where you sink a little.
Ida: Hotels are always the best! I loved Hotel Panache in Paris, with beamed ceilings and a lot of noise from the busy streets outside. PM & Vänner in Växjö is also a super-tip when traveling in Sweden! Such wonderful beds.

Which bedroom trends will we see more of in the future?
Ida: I just painted my new bedroom brown – it might be a future trend color, or just totally crazy!
Lo: After all the fantastic pictures of messy ”unmade” beds, I think we will look for strict, beautiful and well-made beds. I hear a lot of talk about the bedroom as a ”detox room” where nothing besides the bed and the family should be. A place where the cell phone is wholly forbidden – it sounds nice, doesn’t it?!

Styling by Lo Bjurulf & Ida Lauga

Images by Andrea Papini

Text by Antonia af Petersens

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