Molly Nord

It’s time to knock on a new bedroom door. This time, it belongs to Molly Nord, our humble yet strongest protector of the skin’s ecosystem. And the founder of our favorite au naturale skin care label, Betiyon. We stopped by to talk about hypnotic sleep tracks, minimalistic skin care and classic feel-good window spying.

Molly and her husband Petter live in a dreamy apartment in Södermalm in Stockholm with their daughters Ilse and Beata. Everything about Molly, her home, and our visit felt as natural and kind as the caring oils she makes. But also as affirming and effortlessly cool as only certain homes and personalities manage to exude.

Our house: 

An apartment in Södermalm.

We live here: 

Me – Molly, with my husband Petter and our daughters Ilse and Beata.

What we do: 

I’m the founder of the family skin care brand Betiyon.

Tuesday evening ends at:

20 for Ilse and Beata, and after doing some cleaning in the kitchen, prepping for the next day, and watching a few episodes of something feel good, we go to bed at 23.

Before turning out the lights, you always:

Scroll a little on my phone and kiss my husband goodnight.

Who/what are sharing your bed:

My husband, Beata, and her chosen toy for the night.

Normally you sleep in:

Boxer shorts and a t-shirt!

The last dream you remember:

I guess I’m a heavy sleeper because I don’t recall any of my dreams.

On your night stand we will probably find:

A glass of water, a book, a small bottle of Betiyon body oil (for some extra moisture during the night), and my cellphone.

Your best tip for a good night sleep would be:

To take a hot bath with mineral salt, listen to calming music, and then do yoga nidra in bed before falling asleep – it makes a world of difference to the quality of my sleep!

Your evening beauty routine includes:

I’m quite minimalistic when it comes to skincare, since I don’t want to mess with the skin microbiome. So, no spectacular routine, but I always cleanse my face with oil in the evening. I prefer Betiyon’s cleansing oil (surprise ;). I’ve used it for years myself, and I’ve just never found any other oil that binds makeup and dirt as well! Then, I apply a super hydrating moisturizer and top with a face oil I’ve formulated for Betiyon, which is coming soon. Once or twice a week, I do a gentle peeling. Unfortunately, I’m addicted to one from Tata Harper. It is way too expensive, but her products are just amazing.

I love looking down from one of the windows to a café, where you can see people starting and ending their days.

Molly Nord
This keeps you sleepless at night:

My children and work – classic?!

Instead of counting sheep you:

Listen to meditation or hypnosis tracks, It usually does the trick for me.

The best thing about your bedroom :

I love looking down from one of the windows to a café, where you can see people starting and ending their days. I’ve spent a lot of time with crying babies looking out that window.

Your best midnight snack:

Chamomile tea with milk and honey, plus a snack like banana slices with peanut butter, crisp bread with lots of butter, or dark chocolate and dried apricots…mmm…

Tuesday morning starts at: 

7.00 when Beata wakes up.

Your alarm sounds like: 

“Get up now mommy, get up now, get up now, get up now…” It goes on forever so no chance of falling back asleep. I’m going to be so sad the day I have to use a normal alarm clock instead of waking up to that determined, lovely little voice.

The first thing you see when you open your eyes are:

Beata’s smiling little face.

Your morning mood could be described as:

Happy and peaceful.

A normal breakfast would be like:

It varies a lot, but I always start with a glass of hot water to hydrate myself. Then, it could be scrambled eggs with toast or oat porridge with an egg on the side and decaf coffee. The children get to choose what they want for breakfast as well, so we usually make three different things in the morning. Fortunately, Petter does not eat breakfast.

Your birthday breakfast should be like:

Amazing bread, butter, cheese, scrambled eggs, loads of berries, and coffee, served outside in the warm summer breeze under the shade of a tree.

Your morning beauty routine includes:

I splash my face with water in the shower, but I find that no cleansing is necessary in the morning. Before reaching for the towel I moisturize my body and face with Betiyon’s body oil. I brush my teeth while letting it soak in. Then, I add a little of Westman Atelier’s tinted cream, some rouge, highlight with glow from Manasi, and then I’m done!

A dreamy weekend morning could be like:

My children letting us sleep in while they are playing for a while. Then, we make breakfast together, the children run down to the neighbors to play when they are done, and we can just sit at the table and sip our coffee for as long as we’d like.

My dos and don’ts when making the bed:

I like to keep our bed easy and effortless, so I love to have loads of pillows and beautiful colors on the sheets but no decorative cushions or so. And to be honest, I think it is Petter who makes the bed 98% of the time.

Also, we just have to ask, what’s trending when it comes to skin care 2024?:

2024? Well, I’m more into the “less is more” when it comes to skincare. The skin microbiome science is really booming now, so I’m certain that we will see more skin barrier protecting and microbiome-friendly products.

And, any news to be expected from Betiyon?

Yes, as I mentioned we have a face oil coming out soon, but also some other products. I’m so excited since we have been working on this for such a long time now, but we won’t reveal just yet what it is…

Want to know more about Betiyon? Visit their Instagram here

Molly’s best meditation & hypnosis tracks to improve your sleep game. A treasure trove of relaxation and rejuvenation if you ask us.

Meditation: Relaxing by Day, Sleeping at Night

Track: Sit around the fire

Meditation: Somna med Nidra Yoga

Text & styling by: Josephine Blix
Photo by: Mikael Lundblad

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